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  1. I’ve been a friend of Norman for a number of years now as we both
    come from Stornoway. In March 2021 Norman started sending me clips of songs he had started to write during lockdown . As a lover of singer/ songwriters I was blown away by the songs he was writing.. the words evoked such strong memories of growing up & leaving Stornoway as a teenager. I’m so happy that Norman has now recorded these songs & has now produced the beautiful album “Torn” along with other musicians & songwriters.I thoroughly recommend the album & look forward to more music from Norman .Well done cove .

    1. Hi Shirley, it’s so good to see you writing this. I’m Ian murdo, Mairianna’s brother from round the corner on Scotland Street. Hope you are well and doing ok, wherever you are living now. I’m married in Tong, with four boys, and three grandchildren, soon to be five of them in July. I’m going to retire in the summer, so I’ll hopefully get more time with them all after that. I loved TORN, and now Norman’s new album has just brought so many more memories from our younger years back into my mind. Loving his music.

  2. It’s difficult to know which track is the best. Listened to the CD three times in a row and if I had to pick one it would probably be “Tender” though “When the Heather’s on the
    Broom” is so emotive that it reduced me to tears!!! The whole album pulls at the heartstrings and the compassion shines through.
    When’s the next album coming then?!

  3. Dear Norman I’ve listened to your album 4 times now and oh my goodness hearing your songs all together on one album is absolutely amazing. It’s the most emotional album I’ve ever listened to. You know that The Healing Will Begin(the song you dedicated to me) is my favourite song on the album but they’re all very special and to write an album where every song is beautiful is a huge achievement.
    Every song is so descriptive and when listening to Torn, I feel like I’m that women leaving the island and feeling torn. Then listening to your words on each song I can picture everything that you’re singing about in my mind and to be able to do that means you have a very special talent. Your gentle singing voice brings eveey song alive and your album is a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the good work and I’m already looking forward to album number 2, I think Stornoway will be even more special. Congratulations and very well done. ❤️Mx

  4. The album Torn is brilliant. Lyrics are very powerful and meaningful for people who grew up in Stornoway. Some sad, some poignant but overall very uplifting. I think the album will appeal to, not only islanders, but all people who have left “home” and reminisce about the past.
    Highly recommend you listen to Torn.

  5. I’ve just been listening to your cd “Torn”. I’m really very moved by it. I love the variety of the tracks, and especially the strong feelings you evoke about your deep love of Stornaway – a place I hope to visit one day.
    I especially liked the title track Torn, the Silver Locket song and the Alchemists. And I’m hoping you won’t mind if I have a go at singing The Tree that Bends at my next open mic? It’s gorgeous.
    I’m so impressed with the arrangements, the booklet information and design and find inspiration in your beautiful cd.

  6. Hi Norman
    Just letting you know CD arrived today with thanks. I’ll be giving it a good blast on Saturday night, with a dram and a good session. The accompanying lyrics book is brilliant, a thing of the passed these days. Reading through the introduction to Torn with resonance to ourselves. We both left the island after getting married and moved for work in Aberdeen in 1982, only to return to my wife’s empty family croft house in 2015. The urge to return never left us, of course the kids were sent home every summer, but now they are both married out in the Aberdeen area, and our 5yr old Grandson just happened to be sent home to us last week. Roll reversal. Maybe there is another song there somewhere.
    Anyway, looking forward to listening to the album, many thanks, and well done Cove.
    Murdo Beag
    Mangersta (formerly Gods country, Coll, Back)

  7. Hello Norman hope you and Angela are both well. I thought I would never get a copy of Torn as I don’t buy on line at all.I was delighted to see on one of your posts could be bought in Alantair and Events.I went into Alantair and bought one.I asked the lady serving me if she had bought the cd.She said that she had and that she really enjoyed listening to it and was in tears a few times listening to the songs-she is not from the island and it was good to hear her talking about it like she did- asked her if she minded me telling you about our conversation and she said no,a lovely compliment

  8. To release your debut album at the age of 65 is an astonishing achievement, and one that has been rightly praised by Norman’s many friends and acquaintances. His songs are unashamedly rooted in his native Lewis and evoke nostalgically his memories of island life in the 1970s. His voice has a plaintive quality reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Kris Kristofferson at times, but without any attempt to dilute his broad Stornoway accent. The whole production is very professional, with superb accompaniment and backing voices. Well done to all involved, and we look forward to Norman’s next release in a month or so. He is clearly in a hurry to make up for lost time!

  9. A great listen, you have a wonderful, haunting, storytelling voice and your support suits you well

  10. Absolutely love the CD. It’s in my car so I tend to take the long way home, I have even reached Tolsta! Love it! 💙

  11. The album “Torn” is such a wonderful journey down memory lane of days gone by. It evokes strong emotions of long forgotten times that will surely resonate with anyone who is from the Islands. I have to say that almost every song brings a wee tear to my eyes, and pictures and memories are conjured up in my mind as Norman sings his very emotive lyrics. Norman has the ability to put into music and verse a selection of songs that capture the spirit of a time in our lives that we islanders can all relate to, he is a very talented man indeed. It is almost impossible to pick a favourite track as they all present their own special emotional message, but When The Yellow’s on the Broom gets me every time. Can’t wait for the next album release.

  12. Absolutely love it❤️ Gets played at least a couple of times a day. Evokes huge memories. Each track is my favourite till I hear the next! The Alchemists gets me and Silver into Gold is my phrase – reminds me of visiting the herring girls on South Beach quay with my mother. Can’t wait for the next album (November?)

  13. It brings back many memories for me. This is the first CD I have bought since Ado’s Healing waves. I am VERY pleased with it Thank you cove

  14. Enjoying my C.D. Norman, especially The Alchemists,knowing your Grandfather and Granny,spending my Summer Holidays at Manor Park,coming from Back, no Tenerife in those days 😂

  15. Your CD is amazing Norman Listen to it a lot I couldn’t choose a favourite as they are all so emotional Looking forward to your next one x

  16. This album has it all, starting with the beautiful cover by Heather Afrin and the play on the words Stornoway, which has the word torn woven into it. It is so hard to choose a favourite so I will pick two, When the Yellow’s on the Broom which is heartbreakingly beautiful, The Silver Locket is a close runner-up to this one, both about war, but my second choice is The Alchemists. I like the way it is so personal but mostly I like it because the underlying idea of turning the silver darlings into golden kippers by the process of alchemy is a very clever one. The lovely little word booklet tucked into the cover is a lovely touch. A splendid piece of work.

  17. An impressive debut album capturing a time and a community much loved and missed. “Torn” is a triumph and Norman Paterson is to be congratulated for the way his songs stir and move emotions and memories. His singer- songwriter journey was bravely shared on Facebook, his arrival as a recording artist can only add to his audience. Haunting, evocative and emotive, a superb first release from an amazing new talent.( Oh, and by-the-way, a former pupil !).

  18. “Torn” I’ve been fortunate enough, like many, to listen to these songs as they emerged in the raw state. The lyrics were redolent enough to conjure up a past that resonates with all those of us who hail from the islands, and some of the songs which specifically refer to Stornoway. No matter where the listener is from, there will be songs that will pull at the heartstrings, which is evident from all the many amazing reviews which have emanated in the very short time since the release of the cd. In addition to Norman’s beautiful singing, the harmonies by Susy Wall and added musical intruments, the physical article is so well packaged, from the gorgeous artwork by Heather Afrin, the clever title, the lyrics booklet, the harmonies. I look forward to the next cd!

  19. What an amazing album, you’ve got an exceptional talent there Norman! I got a chance to listen through each track this morning following the lyrics. These songs are clearly from the heart, and the accompanying music is so professional, I honestly kept saying at the end of each track…’that’s just brilliant’. And, like so many others, I am taken right back to my younger years growing up in Stornoway. Such powerful lyrics which will mean so much to many, many people, it made me quite emotional. Very much looking forward to your next album now.

  20. I couldn’t pick one favourite – all the songs are beautiful and I was so fortunate to be on the island when you launched the album in An Lanntair . However there are 3 songs that really tug at my heartstrings- Torn , Silver Locket and Yellow on the Broom . Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Norman for giving us that one .

  21. An absolute cracking CD.
    I do especially like tracks 1,2,6,8,11.
    Track1 reminds me of going to meet family coming at the Glasgow fair holidays
    Track2 I suffered withhomesickness
    Track 6 Can just imagine the scene down at the pier. This song gets right in to your soul
    Track 8 Can still remember the smell of the kippers being smoke oh to smell that again
    Track 11 Such a beautiful haunting image a beautiful song.

  22. Superbly presented album cover and booklet.
    Great achievement. Loved the songs about bygone years. Full of memories.
    Difficult to choose a favourite. All brilliant.

  23. It is very hard to pick a favourite they are all so good if I had to say which one mens the most it would be the alchemistsas my mother was a herring girl and it brings backs memories. of her talking about it

  24. Love the album. Wow it pulls at my heart having been born on the island and loving 17 years living there where I formed friendships I will have for the rest of my life, Norman being one.
    My favourite tracks are, Torn,Alchemists and there is something about Silver Locket and A Key. The music and harmonies are quite haunting and story so sad.
    Love it all, well done Norman.

  25. From Stornoway and been off the island for 39 years and living in San Diego , in Southern California for the last 27 years . My copy of TORN is at my Stornoway address and look forward to listening to it when I return later in the year. I enjoy two tracks especially, plenty days and two rivers for different reasons.

  26. Fantastic album from the beautiful cover to the words and music. Really tugs at the heart strings. Gentle music with a powerful meaning. Love the presentation too and having all the words just there. Brilliant work. Keep going Norman.

  27. I’m loving your new album ‘STORNOWAY’, Norman, it’s different to ‘TORN’, but still very much you. Beautiful lyrics and great musicians, and another set of reminders of our younger years in Stornoway. I would also say that this album has brought to the fore a deeper richness to your voice. The rock/country style of music requires that, and you have carried it through exceptionally. Well done you, and I’m sure it will be as positively received as your last album.

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